2023 Cleanskin Shiraz Tasting Notes

The year began with some challenging conditions due to the extended rain events well into Spring, however well managed vineyards and windy conditions managed to keep any disease at bay in our vineyards.

These conditions resulted in everything being delayed, from budburst to slower shoot growth, but a break from the rain came and the warmer days began in December, followed by a very mild Jan, Feb and March.

The result was, very slow ripening and in turn the latest harvest dates we have seen in the last 20 years. Good fruit quality prevailed with great natural acid and elegant, vibrant, true to terroir wines were made.

The cold soak – This is a great way to get a gentle extraction of colour and flavour from the skins without the harshness of the increasing alcohol as a ferment proceeds. With 24-hour of cold soaking here we can really enhance red fruit characters.

Fermentation – Temperature is everything during fermentation, control it or it will control your wine and largely determine the outcome. A 7-day cool ferment allows for the extraction of a good depth of flavour to develop.

Maturation – Oak barrels are an essential part of finalising the wine. The 2023 has spent 10 months in 2–4 year-old ex-Squid ink American oak Hogsheads with a small selection of new American oak. For now, it’s back to oak for 4 months but get excited because like always this wine will impress.

The wine – Concentrated red and blue fruits with good depth and complexity on the fore support the splashes of cinnamon spice and dried herb complexity that coat the palate.

The elegance of this wine is welcomed and will allow this wine to be very attractive as a young wine.

As always don’t let anyone get in the way of securing this wine, including yourself.

Ageing: This wine should be enjoyed now to 5 years in good cellaring conditions.