Winemaker and son of founders Campbell Greer from Thicker Than Water Wines lives and breathes his family owned and operated business, which was seeded from the days of working on the family vineyards around his schooling at age 15.

Working for one of Australia’s largest wine producers South Corp Wines (later Fosters, now Treasury Wines), Campbell began to learn the world of wine, where his passion for all things wine began to grow while working with some of the best winemakers in the country.

A couple of winery vintages in Australia, followed by a vintage at J Lohr in Paso Robles, California, Campbell returned to Fosters convinced that winemaking was going to be his life, before enrolling in Oenology (Winemaking) at Adelaide University part time, while still working for Foster’s.

Upon completing his degree and nearly eight years of corporate winery experience Campbell moved on to contract winemaking facilities for several years, where he had exposure to different methods, winemakers and producers while mastering his craft in the background, on the family’s Estate with their former winemaker Brian Light.

With almost two decades of experience Campbell’s heart has been firmly and solely in the family winery for the last 6 years, where he has produced wines earning great credibility from their wine club members and on the World circuit of International wine shows. With the Giant Squid Ink Shiraz, a two-time awarded ‘World’s Best Red Wine’ at the AWC Vienna, the World’s Largest Officially recognised wine show, among a string of other prestigious accolades including a World Decanter, Gold medal and equal top scores with the Penfold’s Grange in Winestate magazines, World’s Greatest Shiraz Challenge for the Squid Ink Shiraz.

“I’m fortunate enough to have World class fruit to work with, which takes me 80% of the way to a great wine, so my job is then just to guide the wine through the remaining part of the journey. I strive to make remarkable wines and when it comes to fine wine, I’m big on single vineyard wines, as they capture and express the essence of a particular time and place. The balance of a wine is everything, so I don’t follow trends, but rather shape my winemaking around each wine’s character from each particular vintage and that vineyard’s location. Bouquet and taste are of course an integral part of a wine, however the often overlooked third dimension of a wine is texture. I believe it is the texture that takes you to the very soul of a wine and is the conduit to a harmonising cuisine and the ultimate wine experience.

I can honestly say I love my life! I have been very fortunate to find my first love at a very young age, a journey that most people pursue their whole lives and often still don’t find, so for that, I will remain forever grateful.

I’m very optimistic and excited about the future of Australian wine and I think it is important that we work as a combined force to impress overseas markets in representing Australia at the highest level. That said, my focus is equally shared with the domestic market, where we have a tremendously loyal customer base that we look forward to continuing this journey with and live our mission to:”

‘Capture the essence of a time and place by consistently striving to create the World’s most memorable and desirable wines’


“One of the World’s most diverse regions.”

McLaren Vale is a 12 x 10 mile triangle located on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

Partially enfolded by an escarpment on the North the Onkaparinga Gorge shadows the valley, then running South West a 400m-altitude range contour line, circumscribes both the eastern and southern boundaries, before meeting the breath taking Great Australian Bight and Indian Ocean. It is this beautiful ocean that also attributes a fundamental part in regulating climate and in turn protecting McLaren Vale vineyards from disease.

With a recognised 19 Districts come 40 different geologies and thousands of microclimates to create one of the world’s most diverse regions.

An environmentally conscious region we practice sustainable viticulture on all our vineyards.

Our McMurtrie Rd vineyard, home to our Squid Ink range is the epitome of what defines one of the greatest vineyards in Australia, where the famous Black Bay of Biscay Clay soil ensures fantastic fruit consistently. Referred to by some local friends, as ‘Mayfair’ the use of sustainable viticulture and having true respect for the value of our vineyards and the fruit they create is a fundamental to our success.

Our McMurtrie Rd vineyard (Squid Ink Shiraz block) is home to our new cellar door.

View from our amazing Squid Ink Shiraz block!