About Us

‘Capture the essence of a time and place by consistently striving to create the worlds most memorable and desired wines’

“We believe, the saying ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix’ is dated, as it doesn’t speak to growth. In fact, today, the modern companies say ‘move fast and break things’ or ‘slowness to change, usually means fear of the new’. So with that, after over 20 years we’ve decided to make some changes and rebrand.

For us, many of our values and beliefs are embodied in family, and the words ‘Thicker than Water’ felt like the perfect reflection of this and in turn the ideal name of our brand. We see our customers as an extension of this and want to create a sense of community, belonging, and relationship in a world where people want to be a part of something. We want to take you on a journey, we want you to change how you feel and we want to share some bloody good wine!

We are a family owned winery, operated by Mary and John Greer, who along with their son and winemaker Campbell Greer and son and daughter, Mark Greer and Laura Odell share over 60 years of Industry experience. Then there’s the team that support us.

We are proudly nestled in the heart of the stunning McLaren Vale wine region and we pride ourselves on delivering product consistency from our Estate owned vineyard with a vision to ‘Capture the essence of a time and place by consistently striving to create the worlds most memorable and desirable wines.’

Leading the brand is our ‘Squid Ink’ Shiraz range, which allows us to take our customers on a journey experiencing the Shiraz winemaking world, looking at three different styles of Shiraz.

So, why the name ‘Squid Ink’?

Attracted to McLaren Vale by great wine, great food and great people the stunning neighbouring ocean was the cementing reason to make this region home.

Beyond its natural beauty, the neighbouring ocean plays a crucial role in protecting the viticulture of the region, so it only seemed natural to name our flagship wines in honour of this blessing.

‘Squid Ink’ became the obvious fit when in 1999 after purchasing this purple patch vineyard, we came to realise the magnitude of fruit quality we had invested in, where its profound colour would be the first impression each person gets when they pour a glass. That said although first impression last, they don’t last as long the length of flavour on these wines. 

So what else do we offer?

Well for those who know the region its no surprise that Shiraz is the predominant variety, however we do offer some other little hidden gems. Our varietal Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend and Sangiovese Rose.

New cellar door NOW OPEN at 86 McMurtrie Road, McLaren Vale South Australia.